A home to be thankful for

The season of reflecting and being thankful is upon us, and this morning I found myself thinking about the past year I’ve been in my own home and how we so often forget to be thankful for what we have.

Two years ago my life took a turn that I was unprepared for, and during that time I took steps into the unknown. One of those unknowns was where I was going to live and how I was going to pay for it. I find that many people face these same stressors regardless of their income, marital status, job prospects, etc. We all struggle to cover our basic needs.

I’m very lucky to have a loving family that could help me, and my home is a symbol of that love and support as I figure out my own crazy, upside-down life. It’s also the place where I’m learning to experiment, express myself and feel comfortable.

Homeownership projects seem to never be done, and it’s teaching me about my anxiety and about letting go. Nailpops in my drywall are not a major deal. I’m learning not to rush the process, but to keep taking steps… as small as they may be. For me, my home is an expression of where my life is and the journey that I’m on. Sometimes things are great and everything is in its place, and sometimes I’m sitting on the couch eating Cheetos with dirty dishes in the sink. And both extremes are ok.

For my clients, I see their homes grow and change depending on their own journey. Do they have small kids? Are they soon-to-be empty nesters? Are they excited to live in only a few hundred square feet so they can be a stone’s throw to shopping, restaurants and public transportation because they’ve never had the opportunity to live like that before?

I am so thankful for my own home and the challenges it brings me, I’m thankful for the love and support I have from those around me, and the struggles that have allowed me to see all of that love and support available to me. And I’m thankful that I get to help my clients navigate their own housing journey regardless of where their path may lead them.

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