Home is where we heal

Everyone is dealing with problems that they don’t readily show to the world. I have lived the last two decades as the sibling of someone struggling with addiction and it has shaped me in so many ways. It has also shaped how I see “home” and how I feel comfortable and relaxed.

If your home has always been your haven, then I must say that I envy you. Growing up alongside addiction has (at times) stolen away the space that one is supposed to feel their most relaxed. In my life, evenings at home could be peaceful or volatile and it was anyone’s guess which would unfold. That is the nature of the struggle of living amongst addiction. No say, no control, just your reactions and your reactions to other peoples’ reactions.

I didn’t understand what home was supposed to be until I purchased my own. There are so many people that I’ve seen take that same deep breath when they walk into their new home as their own space where they can heal from all of the things that have hurt them. Some clients are upfront about what may be going on, and some are not, but the sigh of relief after closing is unmistakable. The walk through the door signifies a weight being lifted, stress being released and the deep understanding that someone is safe in their new home.

Having a place to heal, to grow, to experiment and to express your creativity is more than just comforting, it should be a basic human right. Creating your own safe space is empowering and deeply transformative. It allowed me to learn the importance of emotional and spatial boundaries, and how to build and maintain them with those around me. Once you learn to create your own home, you will fight anyone and anything that tries to destroy it. Home becomes a place of strength, of healing, and a place to build hope.

Real estate is more than walls and windows, it’s helping clients to create their own safe space. I can say from very personal experience that our home is where we heal and I’m so thrilled to spend my days helping those around me to find their space.

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