The Wall That Started it All

When it comes to home projects and posting my adventures to social media, I am in what Brene Brown lovingly calls an FFT — a F*cking First Time. Everything is new, and scary, and VERY overwhelming. One small detail can (and will) take hours of research, planning, stress and maybe some tears. Spoiler Alert: I have no idea what I’m doing. But with struggle comes learning, and if you keep struggling long enough success will come.

The board and batten wall brings visual interest to this space that was once feeling boring and blah. The addition of a rug and updated lighting (both the fan overhead and the bedside reading lights) adds personality without adding anxiety-inducing busyness. I wanted this space to be light, calming and uncluttered. Aside from the wall, most updates to the space are items I already had, aside from lighting fixtures, the full-length mirror and a few new bedding pieces. The grey throw blanket was a whopping $7 in the ikea final sale section you walk by right before checkout.

Nothing worth doing is easy, and one of the most difficult parts of the lesson might just be smiling through criticism from those not on the journey. Everyone’s life is in a constant state of shifting and change. During my most-recent big shift I came to the realization that I’m sick of things being “just good enough” in all areas of my life. There are many areas that I can’t immediately change, but I could make baby steps in creating a space and a home that I love.

As I researched where to start on my home, I realized that I already knew a lot more than I thought. Whether it was from selling real estate, quizzing my favorite home inspector, or watching endless Instagram stories of other women designing, demoing and recreating all sorts of spaces, I already knew things. And I wasn’t giving myself enough credit for it.

Before this project I did not know how to use, nor did I even own: a mitre saw, a nail gun or a caulk gun. I had never cut a piece of wood with a power tool in my entire life. My father was (and likely still is) scared for me. Maybe it’s best that he’s quarantined in New York while I do all of this crazy stuff that he can’t come and save me from. Regardless, he and many other people held my hand (virtually) throughout the process and answered some ridiculous questions on FaceTime along the way.

I do not pretend to have come up with the coolness that is this board and batten wall project, so go visit Angela Rose Home for the full tutorial, which I followed like it was my new religion. As I dream up big ideas don’t be surprised if you find my own tutorial here (those pendant lamps are 100% me and definitely started life as ikea planters), but until then, I’ll enjoy learning the tools of the trade and sharing some photos and styling ideas!

This wall project taught me that I can do big, scary things. You can too. If you’re stuck in an FFT, keep going. And push yourself to share your triumphs and your struggles along the way. You will surprise yourself, and you’ll be surprised by how many people will be cheering you on.

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