Home Design Purgatory – Part II

What if you bought a home and now that all of the seller’s items have been removed, you’re feeling a little “blah” about the home itself? It happens more often than you might think and can sometimes feel like buyer’s remorse.

First, don’t panic. If you stuck to your guns and selected your house based on your needs and didn’t get derailed, then everything else can be tweaked.

Here are a few relatively inexpensive things to think about when settling into your new space:

Paint is everyone’s first go-to change, whether it’s to adjust the feel of a space or simply to make everything look cleaner, paint can breathe new life into any room. Painting a room is relatively quick and inexpensive while also packing a big punch. And if you decide you don’t like your choice, it can also be easy to simply repaint it. Though yes, it might not be the most ideal use of a weekend, try to have some fun with it!

Lighting, whether natural or man-made can make a huge difference in how you’re feeling about a space. There’s no need to call the electrician this minute to overhaul all the electrical (unless you into that sort of thing) so go buy a few floor lamps and expand the usable ambiance lighting throughout your home. I found myself wandering around my living room wishing I could simply turn up the light, and fixed the entire problem with a 14.99 IKEA lamp that stays on day and evening to give me a more consistent brightness between the brighter bursts of task lighting (aka directional floor lamps and table lamps).

To go along with lighting, check your source of natural light by rethinking your window coverings. Plantation shutters can be gorgeous, but if you’re struggling with a space feeling a bit gloomy, think about swapping heavy shades or blinds for light-filtering options such as cellular shades or sheer curtains.

Décor items or a small DIY project can increase the personalization of your home, so move in and get settled. If you’re feeling overwhelmed (and who isn’t feeling that way during a move?) then focus only on one room, maybe even one corner of one room. When I moved into my home I had basically no furniture what-so-ever, so I focused on making one cozy corner. This was the corner of what is now my office and includes a reading lamp, a comfy chair, a cute meditation bolster (yes, pay extra for the cute one, you won’t regret it) and a small cabinet. This “first space” is now my version of a reading nook and a calm, cozy place to land, complete with multiple throw blankets for maximum coziness.

Clients are always surprised when I tell them how big a small change can feel when I tell them to switch out cabinet hardware in the kitchen or bathroom, but it’s true! It can change the entire feeling with a few turns of a knob (pun totally intended), from builder-grade mass production hardware to any look that you may be going for, including: glam, industrial, modern, etc. Skip the hardware store and shop online for the best selection.

And remember that it will all be ok. Whether you pull your house together in a week, a month or a lifetime it’s important for you to feel comfortable. Heck, I’ve lived in my house for almost 3 years and I still haven’t had the housewarming party.

… Is it socially acceptable to have a housewarming party when you’re ready and not when you first move in? It should be. Consider my housewarming party date TBA.

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