Mathematical Analysis+ Emotions= Real Estate

Purchasing real estate is a little like falling in love. You’re unsure, anxious and eager to get a move-on (no pun intended). But how do you know this is the one?

Well, how does anyone know that they chose the correct partner? You listen to your gut. You’re not going to have all of the questions and all of the answers figured out before putting together your offer. Do the best you can and at the end of the day, ask yourself what you FEEL. How would you feel if you woke up tomorrow and didn’t win the Charlotte-esque bidding war that is likely going on? (43 offers on one house? yep, that’s a thing here.)

I can tell you a million times that based on my analysis that a house is a good investment,  is listed at a competitive price, and just so happens to meet all (or almost all) of your search criteria, but at the end of the day it’s your home. So balance the hard-facts with your emotional side and combine what you discover to put your best foot forward in the offer process. Maybe you’d be devastated not to get the house, in which case give your highest and best offer the first time around, if you get a counteroffer you are within your right to tell the seller that you can’t budge. If you feel ok waking up tomorrow and re-starting your home search that’s ok too, offer what you feel comfortable with and stand confident that you did what’s best for YOU.

While real estate may not be rocket science, it is a roller coaster of emotions mixed with large-scale financial decisions. Ask lots of questions, and work with someone who you feel comfortable being advised by…And then make YOUR best decision.

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